Post Cards, Greeting Cards, Calendars – Short Runs

Lets get printing :

Post Cardsstandard size, printing on both sides (i.e the usual post card dialogue and a picture). Printed on exhibition paper at 170 Gram weight, a short run here is really the way to go. Remember, the Post Card is Back (seems that the e-card has fallen out of flavour). We can print say 50 to 100 cards for you with your own picture on all 50-100 cards, or you can submit 50-100 pictures that you want on your cards.  We get them printed, package them and post them to you. Voila. Hand them out or sell them, still beats the cost of commercially produced post cards; yours are unique, and it’s what you want on the card that counts.

Greeting Cards – generic, blank inside (so you put your own message within [ Birthday, Christmas, whatever etc.] for a personal message). Again, short runs rule — we can print (obviously we design the template etc) 50-100 crads on 120 Gram weight exhibition paper, optional envelope (standard size), pack ’em and post ’em back to you. Your choice of images in our stock library for all 50-100, or 50-100 individual images for your short run. Very cost effective compared to buying greeting cards from the store, and they are personalised.

Calendars – Sizes are A4 to A1 for a One Sheet One Year presented and an image of your choice. Again, short runs apply. Printed on 200 Gram exhibition paper with optional magnetic strip for fridge mounting (A4,A3 size). If you want just a single (one of) calendar, no problem, or if you want 50-100 for hand-outs or selling on, also arranged – we pack ’em and ship ’em. Our ‘bigger’ calendar offerings are cool too. An A3 horizontal (landscape format) multiple page (14 of) customised with your details and your images (remember there are twelve months in a year 🙂 plus a Cover and a trailer sheet to contain your images in thumbnail size with photograph details. It’s a cool gift if you want to give it away, but you have bragging rights if you keep it and display it at home or work. Unique, one of, and it’s yours. Better to print 10 calendar units as a short run, hand them out and you will be top of the tree to those who get your personal Calendar. Also, these bigger calendars are wire bound with a hanging thingmy in the top. Remember the sizes :
– A4 You can visualise this size.
– A3 Getting bigger, but manageable.

Sample A3 Landscape

Sample A3 Landscape

– A2 More WOW! for your buck.
– A1Find a great wall area for this size
– A0 Help me get it into the car size – this is huge but visually outstanding.

I forgot to mention – We are currently building Photographer’s Portfolio books up to A2 size (for some), printed on silver photographic paper, loose leaf (so you can add and take away or replace) hard cover bound with three (3) brass mounting posts. Expensive but really impressive, a work of art. Remember, these portfolios are stacked double sided in landscape format (optionally portrait format, depending on your subject matter)  with heavy duty protection sleeves (two images back to back in one sleeve designed for 220 gram photographic paper times 2). Also, we have arranged with our physical printers a deal which allows us to print up to 1300mm across (their Roland® LFP) on heavy exhibition paper.
Powerful stuff. Presenting to an agency? they will be impressed. Remember, the selection of images is your task, our designers do the rest.

Enquiries : contact
Prices : Depends what you want, and how many you want, and where you stay in the world (effects Packing and Postage – sometimes we DHL® the stuff)

We’ll post up some samples you can eyeball, and some generic pricing.


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